Opioid Addiction and Political Psychology With Dr. Rossi

October 29, 2017

Today we had Dr. Bart Rossi on the podcast.  He is owner and Program Sponsor at the opioid treatment center in Oceanside, California.  We discussed opioid addiction and Trump's plan to combat the crisis.  We also talked the electora college and the psycology behind the 2016 presidential campaign.  It was a short podcast but it was informative. 


Light is Shed on the Wylie School Bond

October 21, 2017

Today, PI welcomed Joey Light.  Joey is the superintendent of Wylie Independent School District.  The district is asking for $45 million for 2 new schools which equates to a 12% tax increase in the district.  Of course, Jason took Joey to task on the possibility of a future issues from the bond including demographic separation.  So, sit back and listen as PI and Joey Light get Politically Intoxicated.  Warning: no alcoholic beverages were consumed during the episode.  It was recorded at 12:30 pm, we aren't that bad of alcoholics.


Tom Madden and The Ode to Un

October 20, 2017

Tonight, Cody and Jason talked with Tom Madden.  He is a publicist, blogger, author, former VP at ABC and speech writer at NBC.  Tom explained the need for satire in the political realm.  Tom humor gives way to his unique insight into Trump and North Korea.  So grab a bottle of vodka and imagine you are on a Florida beach on a nice October night while Tom and the boys get Politically Intoxicated.

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PI steps into the Ring with Mike Suski

October 15, 2017

Today, the guys talked to Mike Suski, former professional boxer and former Trump bodyguard.   Mike talked about his fast rise to the top, his eventual boxing downfall, Trump's appetite for women, and the rumors in the elite circles about Hillary Clinton sexuality.  So lace up your gloves, grab a glass of wine and listen to Mike get politically intoxicated.  


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Pro Truth with Mr. T (Dr. Gleb Tsipursky)

October 9, 2017

Today, We sat down with Ohio State University Professor, Salon, Huffington Post and Scientific American contributor, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky.  Dr. T was lucky enough to leave Russia only two months before the fall of the USSR.  He focuses on truth in reporting and leads the the pro-truth pledge.  We discuss the roles of emotion in politics and decision making, Truth in the news, and privilige of communities.  It was facinating talk with Dr. T.  So hangout and pitty the fools as Dr. T and the guys get Politically Intoxicated.


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WikiLeaks on Weed Gets Politically Intoxicated

October 1, 2017

Today, we had Crunch Dog from Wikileaks On Weed.  We talked Twitter, NFL, Puerto Rico, and SNL.  We talked a Little Kim and the Communist Cartel.  So, sit back, relax, and put up your feed.  Joke, Toke, and Smoke with PI and Wikileaks on Weed. 


Politcally Intoxicated Meets A Political Junkie

September 25, 2017

Lisa Rice, administrator of the Political Junkie Fight Club Facebook group, joined us today.  We talked about the state of political discourse and how the object of today's debate is to shut people down rather than come to an understanding.  We also discussed how racial politics and Lisa's battle with cancer and how medical marijuana has helped here fight against the rare form of Leukemia she suffers from.  It was a great conversation over some sweet Arizona Tea, Corona, and a big bottle of water for Jason's white month.  So, grab a drink and get Politically Intoxicated.

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Tales from Family Law

September 20, 2017

On this episode we had John Reynolds.  He is a Navy Veteran, MMA fighter, Welder, and one of the sad stories from the family courts.  He has four children and spends thousands a year in the courts trying to keep his right to see his children.  John tells us how his his ex was unfit as a mom and how he won custody of his child, only to have that custody ripped away on appeal by another judge who could care less about the environment his child was subject too with the mother.  John's is a horror story of what the family law system has produced.  So sit down, grab a drink, and listen as we talk about Men's Rights and get Politically Intoxicated.



September 8, 2017

On our second call in show, we had the notorious (notorious to our Facebook followers), Justin Keesey.  He is trying to Make America Great Again through his educated retort and stunningly well-informed posts to the Politically Intoxicated follower page and tonight, he brings PI even further into the fold.  We discussed economics, social disparity and how Justin has a fancy for the Asian ladies.  So, pour yourself some highly overrated bourbon and listen while PI gets KeeseyCast.


The Western Observed With Tiffany

September 3, 2017

Tiffany Waddell is an investigative journalist and owner of the Western Observer Newspaper.  It is the only actual news source (you will understand after the podcast) in Anson, Texas.  She has uncovered corruption in the city council, police department, and exposed nepotism in the small town governement.   She has paid the real price for free speech.  The police have harrassed her for her reports and the former mayor of Anson has even called her husband's Army platoon commander while her husband was deployed to Iraq.  She has dealt with the ramifications of free speech all while raising a special needs child.  She is a true super woman.  So have a straight tequila, Tiffany's drink of choice, and get into some small town politics while we get Politically Intoxicated.