Conspiracies and the Crystal Vodka

October 17, 2016

On this episode, we welcomed Lindsay to the show.  She is a Youtuber and non-profit owner that loves conspiracies and meditation.  There is a link to her channel below.  We talked about all sorts of stuff from the Skull and Bones Society to JFK to 9/11.  It was an interesting talk and one that we will have to do again.  So put on your tinfoil hats, get deep into your prepped bunkers, and pour a drink because we are getting Politically Intoxicated.

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Lindsay's Channel:


PI with a Real Black Guy

October 9, 2016

GQ came to the house to talk Black Lives Matter.  Well, we did not get to that.  This is one the most interesting conversations we have had.  We talked First Amendment rights, issues with College football, racial discrimination, and much more. This conversation was one of the best we have had and we were sorry we had to cut it off.  Come join us for some Cognac and Jim Beam Apple.  Slide into a comfortable chair for a little PI with a Real Black Guy. 

***Herman from Tutsi Lives Matter is a real black too.  PI and guy rhymed so we went with it.

GQ will be back for more PI with a Real Black Guy. 

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Maker ‘Merica Great Again

October 4, 2016

Tonight we had Simeon on to chat.  We talked about the Presidential Debate, his job with the Unions, his wife being an immigrant while serving in the US Air Force, and whole bunch of other drunken fun.  Come help us Maker 'Merica Great Again.


Hanging with Gentleman Jack

September 26, 2016

Come hang with Cody, Jason, and Gentleman Jack for talk about guns, BLM, and where ever the conversation leads.  We drink, we debate, and we have a good time being Politically Intoxicated!


The Devil’s Cut

August 20, 2016

Come join us as we polish off a bottle of devil's cut and talk Trump, Hillary, Muslims, and UFC.


Add a Johnson to the Party

July 17, 2016

This week we touch on Baton Rouge, the Libertarian party, and a few things in between.  The perfect drink pairing this week is Bourbon and a firm grasp reality.  Come on in!


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Tutsi Lives Matter

July 10, 2016

Today, our hearts heavy.  We touched on the recent police involved incidents that led to the protests in Dallas where a vigilante took advantage of a peaceful protests to express his deadly feelings toward law enforcement.  Then we moved on to talk to Herman, a Rwandan genocide survivor who came to America as a refugee.  He recounts watching his fellow Tutsis being murdered by Hutus but gives hope in his message of love.  He points out that not all Hutus were murderers.  So sit down, pour yourself a drink, and realize that Tutsi Lives Matter.


Transgendering in West Texas with Arie

July 1, 2016

This episode is about the other side of transgendering coin.  We sat down with Arie.  She is a transitioned male to female living in a very very small town in West Texas.  She came over, had a few drinks, and opened up about her life as a transgender female.  She is cute, she is sassy, and she is hilarious.  As you will find out, it was a great talk about everything from Caitlin Jenner to sports to boobs.  So grab a rum and pineapple juice, relax, and enjoy!



Episode 3 Correction

July 1, 2016

I wanted to address a statement I made in episode 3.  While my analysis and assumptions were correct, I did get the details wrong enough that I felt like I needed to address them briefly.  I have added links below for you to examine.